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“ScrollMedia (SM) has been our choice vendor for over the last 28 years. SM has not only been just providing books for our children over all these years, SM has been our resource help, providing quality books when other vendors could not. Recalling my early years as a Principal in 1992 and when local Chinese resource and books for preschool was limited, SM created series of books to support and enrich the early childhood classroom teaching, making reading fun for our children.

...We love the English Readers that are interesting and creative in presentation and layout. Since using SM books, teaching reading becomes engaging and fun for our teachers. As for our kids, reading became a new world of learning-discovery and knowledge and not just learning to read words.
SM is passionate to provide quality books for pre-schoolers and that drives their excellence in service, creative and flexible approaches to how service and products are being delivered to us to meet our needs in curriculum.
Good partnership and generosity are also other attributes that set SM apart from other Vendors. Efforts to garner our feedback is constantly made. SM’s sponsorship of Readers for our financially disadvantaged children and our events yearly over the past 28 years has been commendable and greatly appreciated by both our Centre and parents.
We are very fortunate to have known SM and kudos to the team, thank you for making a difference in TOUCH and the early childhood industry. ”

Special Needs (Pre-School)
TOUCH Integrated Family Group
TOUCH Community Services

The mother-tongue reading books are very apt for the children's age group. The quality of the paper and the printing is excellent. The pictures are colourful and very attractive. The letters are bold and make reading easy for children. The pictures and sentences match perfectly so children are able to predict a word if they are not able to read. Each book has its own theme, and also teaches moral values to the children.

Mother-Tongue Language Teachers
St Francis of Assisi Kindergarten (Jurong West)

Scroll reading books are the best! The bright and natural illustrations engage children in picture talk. Repeated sentences help children to reinforce and revisit newly learnt vocabulary. There are new words introduced on every page which are meaningful and extends children's concepts. Some of the books have special features like ‘Did You Know’ boxes which provide additional facts for children thus extending their general knowledge.

Mrs Himani
K2 teacher
St Francis of Assisi Kindergarten (Jurong West)

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