1. Reading: Printed Books vs. E-Books
    Technology is developing fast. In a blink of an eye, there is an app for almost anything you can think of, from managing your finances to tracking your health status. Thus, it should come as no surprise that there are a plethora of electronic books and reading applications for children as well. These books and apps grab the attention of the
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  2. Repetition And How It Helps Children Learn
    Recently, here at Booksforlittletykes, we launched a new series of books titled “Erasables”. These books are printed on special paper which allows children to write on them using whiteboard markers and then erase it just like a normal whiteboard. So, you might be wondering, why? Why would we create a book like this? Well, there are a number of
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  3. Reading for Preschoolers, What is it like and how can we improve it?
    Whilst going through the “Life” section of The Straits Times, a local newspaper, an article titled “Read To Succeed” caught my eye. The article written by Senior Education Correspondent, Sandra Davie, talks about how encouraging children to read actually plays a key part in the progression of a child’s ability to excel in not only
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  4. Thoughts On Bullying In A Pre-School Classroom
    I recently came across an article on SCOOP, a New Zealand based online platform which shares articles and thoughts on a diverse range of news media. The article that I read was titled “Children’s Bullying Behaviour Impacts Teacher And Parent Wellbeing” . While reading this article, I thought about the flipside to it. What are the affects the
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